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Making work easier with the gewe ergowheel ®


Facilitate work

Overall, 69 percent of drivers switch between summer and winter wheels. Even electromobility will not change this. But where to put the unused set of wheels? This is the starting point for car dealerships and workshops. Offering wheel storage creates added value for the customer, and the customer is not the only one to benefit. Intensive customer contact is the positive consequence of the twice-yearly wheel change. Finally, other services offered by the dealership - or the workshop - are also used. This means that a lucrative additional business is waiting for them, in addition to customer loyalty!

We cannot take away the work behind it, but with our patented gewe ergowheel® we make it easier for your employees to store and retrieve the wheels. Damage to the wheels is virtually eliminated.

Up to 40 percent more wheel sets can be stored on the same storage area with the gewe ergowheel® compared to the classic standing variant.

Concentrating only on one industry or one product involves a high risk. Therefore, our core competence is not only in the automotive sector. Storage is also required in the industrial sector. Our products are as versatile as our customers' wishes. We develop an individual solution for everyone. To ensure this, we need a team that has been working successfully together for many years. From planning to delivery to installation, everything from a single source - that is our "gewe service". Take advantage of it, we look forward to personal contact with you!

gewe ergowheel Audi Ingolstadt von gewe Lagertec Breuna


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