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Transparency is the basis for trust. Criticism is the plug-in system for improvement. We work together with our customers and build long-term relationships. This is why your opinion is not only important to us personally, but we also value open communication and presentation.

References from our customers

"For me, horizontal storage is a logical step and a practical concept that I wouldn't want to do without."


Christoph Wodara, workshop manager at the Porsche Center in Hanover

  • 500 wheelsets

  • Shelf height: 4.5 m

  • Assembly time: 1 week

gewe_gergowheel bei porsche
gewe in Russland bei VW

On more than 2,700 square meters of storage space, Scholl offers its customers over 5,000 products for commercial building cleaning. We equipped the entire storage area with specialist and pallet racks, drive-in racks and a 3-storey mezzanine floor.

Scholl cleaning technology GmbH in Kassel

  • 48 tons of material

  • Pallet rack length: 380 meters

  • Assembly time: approx. 3 weeks


One of the largest parts warehouses in the automotive industry in Russia was set up by wewe LagerTec in close cooperation with Volkswagen Group Rus in Moscow, a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG and the central depot sales original parts in Baunatal.

Volkswagen Group Rus in Moscow, Russia

  • 300 tons of material

  • Floor area: 2000 m²

  • Assembly time: approx. 6 weeks

We can finally make better use of our storage space and store more wheels. Because the tires are stored horizontally on roller tracks, the operator can store and retrieve the wheels quickly and easily. That brings us satisfied employees and since the wheels are stored on their insensitive back, they are protected from damage and customer complaints are excluded.

Alexander Host - Autohaus HETZLER - Kassel​


“We expect the gewe system to save 30 percent of our time in operation. The capacity increases by 20 percent with the same cubature."

Hubert Aichlseder, Managing Director Autohof Handels- und Service GmbH in Klagenfurt, Austria

  • 1.200 wheelsets

  • Shelf height 6.7 meters

  • Assembly time: approx. 1.5 weeks

gewe ergowheel-ingolstadt
gewe ergowheel-ingolstadt

"The handling is significantly better for our employees, especially with regard to their physical strain and back health. In addition, there is the higher packing density. Significantly more wheels can simply be stored with the same floor space."

Dirk Köthe, Head of the Customer Service Center at AUDI AG in Ingolstadt

  • 20.000 wheelsets

  • Shelf height 7.3 meters

  • Assembly time: approx. 10 weeks

In the spare parts warehouse of Berg Automobile GmbH, the products are stored in shelving.

These are usually used where operation is manual.

Berg auto parts in Stendal

  • 128 tons of material

  • 4.280 m² of storage space

  • Assembly time: approx. 3 weeks


One of our projects with the Glinicke Group is the standing tire storage of around 20,000 customer wheels in the wheel center in Kassel. In various houses of the Glinicke Group we have implemented a small parts warehouse with a mezzanine floor, pallet racks, our ergowheel® and vertical storage.

Glinicke Automobiles GmbH in Kassel

  • Shelf height: 6.5 m

  • Floor area: 1400 m²

  • Assembly time: approx. 4 weeks



The solutions we offer you are just as diverse as the needs of our customers. Get a first, good impression of our variety of products.

Our customer Inventech is a leading dealer in the automotive sector in Norway.

Due to the ergonomic guidelines in Scandinavia, the choice fell on our ergowheel®.


Inventech AS in Fjellhamar, Norway

  • over 9.400 wheelsets

  • Shelf height: 7.5 m

  • 102 tons of material

ergowheel in Norwegen
portrait_rezension_autohaus müssel

"With gewe LevelPlus, I was able to double the storage area in my hall with the mezzanine floor. Fast implementation to the completion date. That's how I imagine reliable storage technology."

Matthias Barnickel, Auto Müller GmbH in Coburg

  • 2-storey mezzanine

  • 8 tons of material

  • Assembly time: approx. 1.5 weeks

“On the one hand, the tire storage option is a well-functioning customer loyalty measure, on the other hand we take the opportunity to offer our customers

Doing things that they no longer want or can do themselves."

Roman Keglovitz-Ackerer, owner of Keglovits GesmbH in Zwölfaxing, Austria

  • 900 wheelsets

  • Shelf height: 6.8 m

  • Assembly time: 1 week

ergowheel in Österreich
gewe hilft gerne weiter


Speed is a concept we live by. We guarantee you a timely reply.

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